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About LionBox

LionBox is the new exciting collaboration tool for the Publicis Groupe

Based on the popular Box collaboration platform, LionBox is a new way for Publicis Groupe Employees, Contractors, and Clients to collaborate. Share files, view versions, assign tasks, and comment on files, seamlessly.

Watch the What is LionBox? video to learn what LionBox is, and how it changes the way the Publicis Groupe collaborators work together, across borders.



Available over the Internet; no need for VPN


Access your data on the go, wherever you are

50 GB File upload

File size limit for uploads to Lion box have been increased. New File size Limit: 50 GB


Assign others access to your data; collaborate as you need


Secured and managed, it's safe to use


Eventually, LionBox will be available to all Publicis Groupe users, worldwide

Additional Features

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Collaborate with Groupe and non-Groupe people
  • Share files through links
  • Versioning of Files
  • Seamless editing of files through Box Edit
  • Powerful searching of file content
  • Preview files through the web

Key Use Cases

  • Corporate User Drive - Store corporate data that isn't needed by others
  • Virtual Teams - Collaborate with others, across Agencies, Offices and Regions
  • Mobility - Access data on-the-go
  • Replacing Email Attachment - Send links to files in LionBox, instead of attaching files

Box Drive features

  • Box Drive is new tool, replacement for Box Sync with native OS integration look and feel.
  • Box Drive is the unlimited cloud drive built for the enterprise.
  • Access billions of files from the comfort of your desktop.
  • Upload content to any Box folder/Open files from any Box folder.
  • Search and view all the content in your Box account.


While LionBox is secure, it is important that you follow the guidelines below and only place content onto LionBox that is specifically allowed. The full LionBox Acceptable Guidelines document is always available at

Data Classification or Type Description, Examples Allowed on LionBox?
Public Information Non-sensitive. No anticipated disclosure harm. Includes, but is not limited to the following:
  1. News articles, office addresses, etc.
  2. Content shared with industry (e.g. award nominations, industry working groups, etc.)

Restricted Information Sensitive. Unauthorized disclosure may very likely cause some commercial, legal or branding damage to the Groupe. Includes, but is not limited to the following:
  1. Information for internal sharing, storage and collaboration such as company policies, project wins, all agreements (clients, suppliers, freelancers, etc.), project plans, client deliverables, insurance policies, etc.
  2. Information for external sharing, storage and collaboration driven by business needs e.g. Groupe's business contacts' information, documents for collaboration with clients, suppliers, industry partners, etc.
  3. Groupe or Client Non-nuclear Personal Information (also known as Personally Identifiable Information or PII) such as email IDs, address, telephone numbers, etc.

Highly Restricted Highly sensitive. Unauthorized disclosure will cause serious commercial, legal or branding damage to Groupe. Includes, but is not limited to the following:
  1. Groupe or Client Nuclear Personal Information (also known as Personally Identifiable Information or PII) such as Credit Card Numbers, Passport Information, US SSN, Driving License Numbers, Tax IDs, Insurance Numbers, Health Information that could be linked to an individual, etc., referred to as 'Nuclear Personal Information'
  2. Groupe Intellectual Property such as unpublished patents, unpublished copyrighted materials, trade secrets, pricing models, business plans, undeclared financial results, etc.
  3. Any other confidential information with perceived high disclosure risks such as payroll information, financial information, network architecture diagram, performance reviews/succession planning or other confidential HR processes etc.

Non-business Information Includes, but is not limited to the following: personal music, personal movies, personal photos, personal materials, etc.

Harmful content Includes, but is not limited to, the content that:
  1. Violates any Groupe policies, including Janus and security policies.
  2. Communicates any message or material that is illegal or tortious, defamatory, harassing, libelous, threatening, or obscene.
  3. Knowingly violates or knowingly infringes upon the intellectual property rights or the privacy or publicity rights of any person or entity.
  4. May otherwise be unlawful or gives rise to civil or criminal liability.
  5. In any manner that is likely to damage, disable, overburden, or impair the Box service or interfere in any way with the use or enjoyment of the Box service by others.
  6. Knowingly introduces any malware or other malicious activity in the use of the Box service.
  7. Violates any country denied party-list, embargoed country restriction, export law or regulation.

Client information
  1. If your Client prohibits the use of cloud solutions for their engagement, contact the Global Security Office for guidance / options, and do not use LionBox until authorized by Client in writing.
  2. If your Client has a specific question about LionBox security, please contact the Global Security Office.

  1. LionBox allows you to grant access to others if you are a folder owner or co-owner. Use your best judgment and discretion while deciding the right level of access for others, especially external collaborators.
  2. LionBox allows you to share links to folders and files with others. Share only with people who are authorized to access that information or have a need to know.
  3. “People with the link” sharing option allows sharing content with recipients with no Box account. Though this is the most convenient sharing option as the recipient does not need a Box account to access the shared content, it does not provide any security as these links are accessible to everyone on the Internet. This option must only be used for information classified as ‘Public’.
  4. Please review regularly the list of People to ensure only authorized People have access to information shared with them. Please ensure to remove People immediately when they leave the company, change roles or their contract ends.

LionBox Alternatives
  1. Use authorized internal systems for storing and internal sharing of information that is not allowed on LionBox. Examples of such systems include SharePoint and access-controlled file servers managed by Re: Sources IT.
  2. Use authorized secure sharing solutions if there is a business need to share information that is not allowed on LionBox with external parties. Examples of such services include MFT Service,, etc.


Build your Box IQ! Videos and live training sessions will help you get going with LionBox quickly.

Getting Started with LionBox in 6 Steps
Introducing LionBox to your Clients
Build a Workspace for Yourself & Your Team
Balancing Security and Usability in your Folders

Live Training Schedule

We currently do not have any live training sessions scheduled. Check out these previously recorded sessions.
Region 'Box for You' 'Box for Your Team'
Americas Was held March 9th
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Was held March 16th
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EMEA and APAC Was held March 22nd
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Was held March 29th
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about LionBox

The service, which is what LionBox is based on, has many core capabilities. For our initial LionBox launch, we're focused on the following four key global use cases for our people:

  • Corporate User Drive - Save & store documents in the cloud on LionBox instead of on your "P-drive”, local computer 'My Documents' folder, or even unsanctioned tools like Dropbox or Hightail.
  • Virtual Teams - Collaborate within agencies, across teams or with partners/clients via a 'team workspace' (folder) on LionBox
  • Mobility - Access and manage content on any device, anywhere at anytime; work from home or on the road without VPN
  • Email Attachment Replacement - Send secure links to documents stored directly in LionBox; update a document/fix typos without having to send out another version or a new link

There are numerous other use cases for LionBox - we're excited to see what productivity gains you and your team experienced as a result of using LionBox for your day-to-day collaboration!

LionBox is leveraging Lion Login for your security, ease, and overall benefit. This means that you will not need a separate set of login credentials for LionBox and you can simply go to and use your Lion Login credentials.

LionBox offers unlimited storage and per-file sizes up to 15GB. Users will be able to leverage LionBox shared links (video here) to overcome email attachment issues, including file size limitations, and inbox capacity.

With LionBox, you have unlimited version history when editing your files. For more information on how LionBox handles version history, refer to to this article.

Folder access is managed slightly differently in LionBox than with file servers, and is decentralized to allow users and teams to manage folder access as needed themselves without having to go through IT - users are able to create folders and invite collaborators (internal or external) as appropriate (video here).

We understand that each agency may have differing needs related to groups. LionBox will be expanded in later phases to begin supporting groups, but we need your feedback on how you would need them to work. Please send your feedback, including need, business case, and other requirements to

We’re currently focused on setting the foundation, and other features including this really important one, will be added on as the Groupe expands our use of the tool. We are also in the process of assessing our bandwidth and network infrastructure to ensure the different offices are fully ready to support LionBox and other future cloud services.

Even though Box Sync is disabled, you still have full access to your data through the LionBox website ( to open and edit files using the 'Open with' button for files. This uses Box Edit to open the file using your computer's native application for that file type (.docx opens in Word, .pdf opens in Adobe Reader, etc.). Watch this video for more information on using the 'Open with' button and Box Edit.

Unfortunately, these plugins are only available on Windows (video here). That said, your can leverage Box Edit (video here) for your Office documents and you can generate shared links to paste into Outlook emails.

Sharepoint remains a supported solution for collaboration on files that should not be stored within LionBox due to data type. Please review the Acceptable Use Guidelines for more information on data types that shouldn't be stored within LionBox.

Some clients may have concerns around multi-tenancy, data privacy, and fear of the unknown (i.e. Cloud in general) -- in fact, we've put together a great introductory video for you to share with your clients and customers when they have questions about using LionBox for your engagement or project.

That said, the Groupe has gone through in-depth reviews and approvals with Groupe Legal, Compliance, Data Privacy, and Security teams, so the majority of the concerns can be addressed through proper communication and education so that clients understand the security features of, and the major added benefits of using LionBox.

Here are the Global Security Office (GSO) LionBox Acceptable Use Guidelines:

LionBox will be a part of the Core Services and agencies will not see any incremental or one-off costs.

LionBox is being deployed globally to all Publicis Groupe agencies in phases. The Beta phase was completed in April. The General Availability launch was completed at the end of May. A Merge phase will be completed this summer for agencies currently using Box. For any questions, please email

"People in your company" links are a great way to share data across the Groupe, without assigning direct access to the data by inviting collaborators. "People in your company" links require that people log in with their LionBox credentials to access the data, which means they aren't available to people who haven't authenticated. This is more secure than "People with the link" shared links, which are available to anybody on the Internet, without authentication.

During the initial phases of the LionBox project, there are various factors that play into if "People in your company" shared links will work for your use case, including if the user is part of the Beta phase, if they are part of an existing (unrelated) Box instance, and if their email domain has been transitioned to the LionBox instance. You may encounter issues using these links during the interim, and should use "People with the link", which is more open, only if the data is allowed to be shared that openly, based on the LionBox Acceptable Use Guidelines.

After General Availability of the LionBox tool, scheduled for Spring, "People in your company" links will mean everybody within the Publicis Groupe, not your specific individual brand or agency.

Using the Upload -> Folders component of the web interface we suggest you upload no more than 1000 files totaling no more than 5GB in total size at any given time. This means that you need to pre-plan your migration of content into logical "chunks" of data, maybe along folder lines, projects, clients or otherwise, which logically make sense to move together. Using the Upload -> Folders tool is best done in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, each of which will use a Java applet to perform the uploads. Chrome is not suggested for mass uploads, as it relies on a different technology to upload the files.

While Distribution Lists unfortunately do not work within LionBox, you do have the ability to take a distribution list from Outlook, and import it into LionBox to get the list of collaborators. We've written up a short How-To: Bulk Adding Users from a DL to a LionBox Folder.

Note: Not all distribution lists can be expanded in Outlook this way. The remaining distribution lists should be migrated and available to expand as documented later this quarter.


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